He Heals ....

When you’ve wept in bitter anguish,
Overcome by crippling fears,
And you think that no one loves you,
Your dear Lord has saved your tears.

When you’ve tried to find the answer
To the problems troubling you,
And it seems there’s no solution,
Jesus knows just what to do.

When you feel that you’re a failure,
As you struggle day by day,
Working hard to find life’s meaning,
Jesus longs to point the way.

When your outlook then grows brighter,
And you find some peace and hope
For the traumas you have suffered,
Christ has shown you how to cope.

When at last you’re feeling thankful
For relief from stress and strife,
And you praise the Lord in earnest,
He is smiling on your life.

©Betty Jo Mings

Psalm 30:2-5 (KJV)
O Lord my God, I cried unto thee,
and thou hast healed me.

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