Jesus  Is The Light

Jesus  Is The Light

He is the light
That wakes me at dawning of day
He is the one
Who gives me the rain
He is my hope, my salvation to keep
He, the Great One
Holds me close as I sleep

He is the might
To watch ships sail oceans wide
He is the light
I call day and night
He is the one, made bright sun to shine
Who takes away pain
And in need I can find

He is the light
In my heart, all the time
The life to touch
My soul with His sight
The King of all kings
That I can pray with
He cried tears of sadness
When He died for my sin

He is the light
Which shines in my eyes
If I look on high, I see Him too
His name is Lord Jesus
The light that guides me and you

Linda Ann Henry 2008
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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