Here with You, Jesus  .....

Here with You,
Silent and still,
Here with You
My heart You fill -

With peace to abound,
With love to endure,
With joy to shine,
With grace so pure,

With faith ever firm,
With courage strong,
With love so wide,
Deep and strong..

Yes, here with You,
My Lord, my King,
My heart is open
To Your blessing,

My eyes are wide
To miracles ‘round,
My ears hear song
In every sound,

My feet are ready
To joyfully dance,
My lips are ready
To sing each chance...

Yes, Jesus, You are love
Forever to endure,
You are eternal light
Brilliant and pure.

So here with You,
Silent and still,
I rejoice as my heart
With love You fill!

Caroline Gavin ©Nov. 2014
Purposeful Pathway

Luke 5:16
"But Jesus often withdrew
to lonely places and prayed."

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