Rays of sunshine
Beautifully embrace me,
Dancing their way
Through leaves of the tree,

Warming my soul,
Inspiring my mind,
Kissing with sunlight
All that I find,

Recalling to my heart
Love of my King,
Reminding my soul
He is in everything,

Yes, through all and in all,
Now and forevermore,
Surely Jesus remains,
His love does endure..

In the flowers,
In the mountains high,
In the green-cloaked trees,
In the sun-shining sky,

In the darkest valleys,
In the clouds of gray,
In the twists and turns
Of my purposeful pathway,

Jesus is there,
Yes, always to me near,
For I am His beloved,
He holds me dear.

So I will smile
In all things all the time,
I will rejoice with psalms,
I will sing with rhyme,

For He is my all,
He is my everything,
He is the light in my smile,
The reason I sing,

He warmth of my soul,
Inspiration in my mind,
He is the beautiful bliss
In everything I find...

Yes, as sunshine dances
Through leaves of the tree,
I rejoice how my Jesus
Is always with me!

Caroline Gavin ©May 2014
Purposeful Pathway

Psalm 136:1
"Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.
His love endures forever."

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