No one is perfect, we all have trials
Living by the word will bring us smiles
Let the Lord shine His light on our way
We should pray and give Him praise to start our day

Jesus taught kindness, patience and joy
It's the simple things that we enjoy
Reading our bible is food for our soul
These are the words that keep us whole
Jesus hears each and every prayer
All thoughts and actions He does care
Be mindful of your spiritual growth
Not just spirit but mind and body both

When we ask forgiveness we are sincere
Although at times it brings a tear
It's hurtful to God when we disobey
It should be hurtful to us when we loose our way
Happiness is found within our heart
When we obey God's laws and do our part
May God Bless you, as you find your peace
All blessings from God for us do increase.

© 2006 Joyce Ann Geyer

Rejoice, and be exceedingly glad:
for great is your reward in heaven.
Matthew 5:12


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