Hold me..........

Hold me, my Father
With Thy arms eternal and strong
It is in Thy loving arms
That I forever belong

Guide me, sweet Jesus
Along Thy perfect Way
I shall traverse Thy path
With Thee each day

Fill me, Holy Spirit
In my heart overflow
I lose myself in Thee
It is only Thee I know

Love me, precious Lord
With Agape surround me
Thy love is my meaning
Yea, the reason for me to be

Strengthen me, my Master
Against temptation and snare
Grant me discernment
That I am alert and aware

Lead me, my Shepherd
To pasture lovely and green
You lead me in righteousness
In Thy paths pristine

Reign in me, Eternal King
Rule over my heart and thought
I am completely Thine
For my life is blood-bought

Nourish me, Bread of Life
Thy Eternal Word does feed
You alone give me life, Lord
You alone fill every need

Refresh me, Living Water
Pour into my heart Thy streams
That I may burst with love
That in my eye Thy light beams

Accept me, precious Lamb
My life is an offering to Thee
You sacrificed Thyself for my life
I no longer live, but You in me

Use me, Eternal Potter
I am Thy creation, Thy jar
I go anywhere for Thee, Lord
Yea, I travel near or far

And wherever I go, please hold me
With Thy arms eternal and strong
For it is in Thy loving arms
That I forever belong


Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

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