Where shall a soul be helped, what direction can it be
Is there strength upon the mountaintops, somewhere safe to lean
When the light has almost gone, can it ever be returned
When the flame has flickered low, will it ever brightly burn
Will hope ever be rekindled, when a soul can cry no more
Shall a countenance find an inner smile, when shut behind a door
Is every hand that reaches out, always bent to hurt
Might every dream be abandoned, for fear of being burnt
Can broken hearts be mended, fragile passion be renewed
Can trust again be contemplated, will any good come true
Is there hope in another day, a hope that is shining bright
Is there a love to break the sorrow, a light to shine within the night
Yes, hope is in lifting our eyes to the hills
To all we cannot see
To believe in the promise
That the everlasting love of God
Is holding onto you and me.

Soft Whispers just for you from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2005

If you have moments that are too painful to bear,
Jesus has told us this would be so,
but to be comforted, for He has overcome it all.
Wait dear one upon His love, rest within His grace,
I pray for you that inner secret joy
from gazing on His lovely face.

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you may share this greeting here, or you can send from your own e-mail.

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