Flame of Hope

God is always with you
Even when you think He is not there
All you must do to see Him, is say a heartfelt prayer
When winds are very high and homes are blown away
If there is no food or water to help along the way
You may think you are abandoned
But trust me, my dear friend
God is there beside you
Your life will never end
When a hurricane hits you and you cry out in pain
Though you may lose, whatever you have gained
Hold on to God's enduring hope,
Tomorrow, you will find the miracle to cope
Just say a prayer, though you wish you could fade away
For safe in God's love
Your family will forever stay
Pray to build a new home and life
The suffering and strife, will one day go
Love with your heart and all your soul
A brighter day will come
If you say a little prayer
God's way will yet be done.

© 2005Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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