A Bear Huggle

Hugs make us feel on top of the world
and make the child within to dance,
A giggle, ready to spring
Whenever we have the chance.

Go on then, tickle my funny bone
I want to enjoy good fun today,
So, pull out all the stops
For I'm beary set for play.

Cheer me up before some melancholy
Creeps up to steal my smile,
Before I droop too tired at close of day
Please visit with me a while.

Another day may descend
With a cloak of fear and grief,
And my heart be all a-breaking
With no more to weep.

So unwrap each sorrow from my heart
And throw its shadows far away,
Pray my tears to all dry up
For a joyful heart to stay.

Then with today's reward of life, I'll smile
From a grateful heart within,
While one of God's most precious gifts
I huggle
You, my special friend.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
© 2004 used with permission
Poetry from The Heart

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