I Always Knew

The first time I saw you,
I knew you were special
When you turned to look at me
I was lost in those eyes
I knew I could trust you
So in my heart you'd be mine

I always knew you would take my soul
My happiness, I freely give
For me, there could never be another you
When I am with you I feel very safe
I know you will protect me
You will do it for my sake

Our love is innocent like two people
Who have found themselves
In this upside down world in which we live
We are like two white doves
So pure, with so much love

I always knew, your tender touch
Your gentle voice, makes me feel like I belong
When you kiss me, I can feel your great love
And I want you to know I love you too.

I always knew we were meant to be
To touch, to kiss, to have sweet desire
Heart to heart and hand to hand
I always knew, my dream would come true
All that I am has been given away
To my one true love, and that love is you

Linda Ann Henry ©2008
The people's poet
Do you remember me

I love you...

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