In a little white church on a cold winter night
the warmth of God's love filled the room.
As I walked through the door and took my seat
my heart was so sinful I knew I was doomed.

Never a thought had crossed my mind
that God should ever love me.
I thought that my trials were a part of life
and what happened was destined to be.

The man up in front slowly rose to his feet
and it was as though an angel had appeared.
He told of a Man that came down from God
that even caused a king to fear.

The story went on how this Man loved sinners
as he kept talking he was looking at me.
My heart was melting, it felt so strange,
as he was giving me my chance to be free.

I got up from my seat as something was pulling
and I walked slowly down the aisle.
I was willing to give my all to God
but really I didn't know how.

A man opened The Book and read me a verse
and I immediately said, "I Believe."
Oh what a calmness came over my soul
as God's love and forgiveness I received.


Eddie Roush   © August 2010

John: 3:15
That whosoever believeth in him
should not perish, but have eternal life.

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