When I Am Afraid, I Call Jesus' name.......

When I Am Afraid, I Call Jesus' name.......

When I am afraid, I look to the sky
Jesus is there, the love of my life
I watch all the beauty He has made
So then I say the "Our Father"
For my soul can see Jesus' eye

I smell the flowers, grass and trees
I feel the earth which lives inside of me
Butterflies of every kind,
Birds flying and a dove I seem to know
I cannot be afraid when Jesus is this close

Why does He love a sinner like me
Well I know He took my place on Calvary
To me I call Him "peace, love, forgiveness and hope"
As I lay my head on my pillow each night
When it is dark and I cannot see
Then I feel invisible hands holding me

I need Jesus' comfort more then at any other time
He blesses my heart and my soul, each time
I never have to cry, for The Lord, washes my face
When I am afraid, I call Jesus' name
He answers me every time

So when you are afraid,
Call on Jesus' love, so beautiful and true
He will come from heaven just so He can help you
For He is The Light and the Way
Just call Jesus' and you will never be afraid.


Linda Ann Henry ©2010
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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