I Dreamed A Dream...

I Dreamed A Dream....

I dreamed a dream to find a love
I never realized would be you
My heart and soul are overjoyed
For now I know my dream's come true

I need not see gray skies or cry
For in my dream your love has come
Blue skies and blooms on earth I see
For here we live ever after one

I dreamed a dream I'd find a love
In every season, snow, or fall
Who would be ever always mine
With comfort hold me ever more

Yes, I dreamed a dream, you came inside
And whispered that you'd never leave
So now I know you're so divine
And here with me, you'll always be

When in my dream you came that night
I felt a calm, in love outpoured
You hold me near when e'er I cry,
I want to live ever after yours

I am content, so tender, sweet,
Now I can look into your eyes
And in the air, to every cloud,
Together, we can always fly

I dreamed a dream, of you and me
To love you always in this world
You sing to me and keep me safe
In you I touch the stars, Oh Lord

Linda Ann Henry © May 2009
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