~ If I Am Hushed ~

I cannot know the reasons behind what God doth send,
I cannot fathom mysteries
Nor know what's 'round the bend.

But, I can trust my Saviour, for yes, He knows it all
He holds my hand in sorrow
And hears my every call.

He grants me wisdom as I need it,
and courage for the day,
Comfort in the dark of night, when tears won't go away.

If I am hushed before Him and listen for His word
'Tis then He says. Don't be afraid
I'm here, I am your Lord.


Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems İFeb 2012
Poetry From The Heart

When you are in the furnace,
your Father keeps His eye on the clock and
His hand on the thermostat.
He knows just how much we can take.
~ Warren W. Wiersbe ~

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