I have a dream......
I have a dream......

I have a dream, that soon all men will live in peace
I pray for the Glory from The Father
to give us grace
Look at the sun and watch it dance
Like a gift from Heaven,
Smile, everyone, for we are truly blessed

I have a dream, where people from all walks of life
Will shake hands and be one
with God who loves us all, look-
His Art is for those with open eyes to see
Miracles can happen
if we will believe

I have a dream, we will live as brothers and sisters
Forgive, let the past leave
I hear the angels sing, because of you and me
See the robin sitting in the tree
With the beauty of God's colors
In His paradise of kindness, and deep love-
Look inside your heart and you will see

I have a dream that together we will live
to see the Heavens open
As a rainbow comes to be
Orange, violet, blue and green
God - making us His promise
Do not let Him down, for in His Glory
There is nothing to fear, all He asks
Is for us to pray - and believe.


Linda Ann Henry ©2010
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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