I Hear Your Voice, Lord........

I hear Your voice, Lord,
Singing to me,
I hear Your voice
In the dance of the tree,

In the song of the birds,
In the clap of each wave,
Yes, I hear You remind
How You lovingly save,

In the laughter of children,
In the winds all around,
I hear how Your love
To me does abound.

Yes, I hear Your voice
Throughout all I do,
Refreshing my heart
With blessings anew.

So I lift my voice
With joyful song,
Resting in Your arms
Where I forever belong,

Singing of You,
Of Your love so pure,
Of Your graces endless
Of Your joy to endure.

I hear Your voice,
Beautiful is the sound,
Echoing everywhere,
Yes, all around,

Clapping in the trees,
Singing in each wave,
Reminding me always
How You lovingly save.

Yes, I hear Your voice, Jesus,
Singing to me,
Beautiful is Your song,
The song of eternity!


Caroline Gavin ŠSept. 2014
Purposeful Pathway

John 8:47
"Whoever is of God hears the words of God."

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