In Memory of the Fallen Hero's in Iraq
and for those who lost their lives.
We will never forget!

There are fallen hero's in Iraq,
Memory of them will always last
They slept in the hot desert
With the wind blowing sand in their face.

I will keep them in memory forever
For the freedom they have found
When they step on a mine, and they know no more
To Heaven they go,
They will be remembered for standing so tall.

The fallen hero's in Iraq,
Fight always looking behind their backs
Sometimes they do not get enough to eat
Just sand in their mouth
And the pain that they meet.

In memory of the fallen hero's in Iraq today
I want to thank the many who have gone away
If I could, I would put up a stone memorial
With all your names
You have given me my freedom,
The price you paid.

I want to blow a trumpet
In honor of the great men you are
With your families now bringing up the little ones
Who looked like you from the start,
You are our fallen hero's
The people in America,
Will not forget your heart.

Linda Ann Henry © 2005
Do you remember me
The people's poet



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