I believe in me
If I see a butterfly fall from a tree
I will hold out my hand and help it fly again
I believe in me
I hold dear whatever beauty in the world I see
I believe in me
For I love people who are near my heart
Wherever I came from, it was a gift
Of love to be and happiness
I believe in me
The birds sing in the trees
There is a rose and a bumble bee
Sometime I can hear the angels harp
The sound of heart which I take part
I believe in me
Whatever the future plains
I will do what God Comands
I shall look at the stars
Make a wish or two
When it is my turn
I will see it through
I believe in me
Jesus will smile because He loves my soul
As long as He is with me
I will never have far to go.

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Wishing you God's peace, love and blessings today and always......

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