In My Heart........

The wind may howl
Through the barren trees,
The cold rain may fall
On a wintry breeze,

Yet peace I feel,
A warmth in my heart,
For You are here with me,
We will never part.

Though storms may come,
I am safe and secure,
I am in Your arms,
Your love does endure.

The storms of life
You make peaceful for me,
You hold me in Your arms
Where I feel eternity.

Yes, child, do not worry,
I am here with you;
Cling to Your Jesus,
This I ask you to do.

Should the snow fall,
Should the cold rain pour,
Should the winds rage,
My reign does endure.

See how I calm all
With but words I say?
You need never to worry
When you follow My way.

Yes, follow Your way,
Cling tightly to Your side,
Jesus, I will do both,
Please within me do abide.

© Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

Psalm 112:7 (KJV)
He shall not be afraid
of evil tidings:
his heart is fixed,
trusting in the LORD.

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