Welcome to Inspirational Index 4

The Great Master Painter

Where am I going

You are my light which shines

May I walk in the footsteps of Jesus

May I walk in the footsteps of Jesus

I have been many places

Can I See A Miracle

I Have Seen Jesus

Jesus, The Door Of Hope

Father GOD...Are You Crying?

Thou Art The Potter

The Sea Of Life

Each Day

Attack on London, where is peace

Stairway to Heaven

A Prayer


~True Story~
Daydreaming of Home

Precious And Few

Butterflies From Heaven

I Never Walk Alone

I Am A Little Child Of God

Heaven On Earth

Enchanted Prayer

I want you to always have peace

LORD, Save My Children

A Church

Lord Forgive Me

Perfect Reflection

In My heart I Hold You

A Quiet Time

There Is A Little Angel

May I Say The Rosary With You

My Precious Lord

A Beautiful Flower

Through My Eyes

Thank You Lord

The Thirsty Woman

You'll Never Walk Alone

Hope Beyond Hope

Yellow Rose Garden

God's Promise

Closing Of The Day

Guardian Angels

A Fountain Of Love

Walking With God

A House Of Happiness

Redemption Love

Faith Hope and Charity

My Special Angel

My Special Angel
No Java

Hearken Unto Me

My Saviour Lives in Me

God's Fragrant Rose

I Am the Way, the Truth, the Light

Garden Gate

The Wheel Of Life

In His Loving Care
Hurricane Katrina

Prayer Of Hope
Hurricane Katrina

Katrina,Chaos and Killing

Flame Of Hope
Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina

One Day At A Time

A Man Called Jesus

Rainbow Blessing

Jesus Paints With Colors

I Have Met Jesus

In My Heart I Hold You

Unconditional Love

Loves Little Surprises

God's Hand

God's Quiet Presence

God's Rainbow

Angel Blessings

Our promised Land

God Is There

My Angel From God


I Hear A Voice Calling Me

Sitting in Jesus Lap

I Believe In Your
Love, Dear Jesus

Jesus Is With Me

Faith In The Lord

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