Exodus 33:14...............

In Your Presence
Joy my heart does my fill,
In Your Presence
When I am silent and still.

Yes, in Your Presence,
I taste eternity
In Your Presence
I feel Your love for me.

In Your Presence
I find peace and rest,
In Your Presence
I enjoy all that is best.

Yes, in Your Presence
I take delight,
I rejoice in Your love,
Your glory, Your light.

Though veiled to me
Is Your Presence now,
One day fully in Your Presence
You will allow.

That moment of glory
Shall my soul transform,
As You wash away impurity
With love pure and warm.

To be in Your Presence
Every day I long,
To be in Your arms
Everlasting and strong.

Your Presence, Jesus,
Is the door to eternity,
The gateway to love that is,
Was and will be.

So here in Your Presence
I am silent and still,
As I embrace Your love
And live for Your will!

Caroline Gavin ŠNov. 2013
Purposeful Pathway

Exodus 33:14
And he said, "My presence will go
with you, and I will give you rest."

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