In your tears my precious,
please smile a little this sad day
for I am kept so safe now
here in a joyous place
The twinkles smile within my eyes,
laughing here, I will forever
in Jesus' blessed grace

In your tears, I know you cry,
but only think
of roses swirling at my feet
my life upon the stars
All about is light and joy
a glow within my heart
In your tears, so softly smile
as you sleep and dream of me
then as you wake upon the dawn,
imagine if you will my dance
I am set free from earth's distance
I am close forevermore

In your tears, find hope,
for today is our tomorrow too
I am, our Father promised all,
Forever love can never die
there is no separation,
there is only life in you and I
Love is here for you,
Love is where you are
Love is everlasting life
Love is in our heart

Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © 2008
Poetry From The Heart

~Perhaps, just imagine
They are not stars after all....
but openings in heaven,
where God beams the love of all we love
to shine upon our heart~

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