I Reach Out My Hand  (to You, Jesus)........

When dark are the clouds
Looming in the sky,
When constant are tears
That stream from my eye,

When weak is my soul,
When heavy my heart,
When I know not where
Or how to start,

When I find myself
Knowing not what to do,
I reach out my hand,
Sweet Jesus, to You..

Yes, I reach out my hand
Now to hold Yours,
Feeling how grace
From Your hand pours,

Seeing how sunshine
From Your smile beams,
How limitless love
From Your heart streams,

Feeling how joy
Wonderfully embraces
When I embrace You
And Your endless graces..

I reach out my hand
To receive joy and peace,
Into Your hands
All I am I release.

You are the reason
For all that I do,
So forever my hand
Shall cling to You.

You are the song
Beating in my heart,
You are my everything,
The end, the start.

Jesus, You wipe every tear
From my eye..
So I reach out my hand
To the heavenly sky!

Caroline Gavin ŠJuly 2014
Purposeful Pathway

Jeremiah 1:9
"Then the LORD reached out his hand
and touched my mouth and said to me,
"I have put my words in your mouth."

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