Tomorrow is Always New.....

Today's trials and tribulations
May have us wringing our hands
We hear of so many problems
All over our vast lands
We do not know the solutions
Often don't know how to cope
but we keep the faith and pray
And never give up hope

Looking upward to the sky
We see wonders God has made
We then begin to feel revived
And we no longer feel afraid
Remember tomorrow is always new
There's many blessings yet to receive
We can now face the uncertain future
With faith if there's reason to grieve

We all may falter now and then
We all may sometimes go astray
When we depend upon His goodness
We look forward to a brighter day
Tomorrow is always new
Good things are waiting there
Keep your heart filled with love
Know there are those who care

Whatever arises to corrupt our world
Whatever evil we must face
We will keep treading onward
Within God's loving grace
We won't let down our guard
Nor will we be defeated
We will keep our spirits high
Until our life on earth is completed

Norma Duncan 2007

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