I Saw a Vision.... I Saw a Vision........

Jesus, Jesus, I love you
I love you with all of my heart
Oh Jesus, Jesus, Yeshua Jesus
Never to be a part

Last night I had a vision, oh it wasn't a dream
But something so real embraced my soul
And I was taken up to the third heaven
To a beautiful flower garden green

And there I met the master
Who called me by my name
He said son, all of heaven is getting ready for my return
Then His eyes lit up and He said, you know I am too

And He was so excited about coming again
Never to be a part
Yes, He was so excited about coming again
Never to be a part

Just about that time, a band of angels came into the garden
They all gathered 'round their Lord, the King of Kings
They all fell down on their faces and started praising God
When a song came forth and they all begin to sing
And they said

Jesus, Jesus, we love You...  Love You with all of our hearts
Jesus, Jesus, Yeshua Jesus, never to be a part
And He was so excited about coming again

Well, that's when I found myself back in my own abode
Never to be a part

Written, musical score, and sung by
singer/songwriter Gary Matthews
© 2004 G.M. Music Studio,
Registered ©2004 BMI
This recording is featured and published by A Lighthouse.com

and directly licensed in place
for internet public performance on A Lighthouse.com
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