Easter Morning Is So Peaceful

In the stillness of the morning
While the children sleep the night away
I pray to Jesus this new Easter Day
"Dear Lord, it is so peaceful where I stand
I wish all people could hold to your dear hand"
In the forest near my house,
I watch nature come alive
The deer washing her baby close to me
Birds sitting on their nest within the tree
This is the way you planned it,
So very tender, mild
Jesus with us all the while
Let us, in our homes, be gentle as they are today
When Easter brings God's peace along our way
I smell the flowers fresh from the dew
I look at the homes where all are praying too
As the sun rises this Easter dawn
So glad our Savior arose from His tomb
Let me have the peace I have seen today
Comfort me Dear Jesus and whisper in my ear
Of the ones I love, now up in Your Heaven
They are close to You, with nothing more to fear
There is always peace
with You, Dear Jesus near

Linda Ann Henry © 2008
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Happy Easter !

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