I am OLD GLORY, I Stand for you.........
I Stand for.........

I have been beaten, trampled and burned
Spit on and cursed at every turn
Let me tell you and I hope you understand
I'm still waving high...UNITED we stand!

I'm still OLD GLORY, lighting up the skies
I stand for FREEDOM, Your flag still flies!
I stand for the soldiers both living and dead
For the War heroes who survived the bloodshed
I stand for the children who look up at me
I'm reflected in their eyes for all to see
I stand for all people... OLD GLORY waves high
Caressed by the wind, So proudly I fly!

I stand for our land both far and wide
Love and honor it with dignity and pride
I stand for the homeless, the sick and the old
I wave for that lonely man shivering from the cold
I stand for the people who so horribly died
In the Sept 11th tragedy, America cried!
Somehow in the midst of the heartache and tears
I brushed off my armor of doubts and fears

I polished my pride so determined to win
Held on to my courage, to stand TALL again
When you look up at the red, white and blue
Remember all I stand for... I stand for YOU!

Linda Hill ©9-5-02

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