Jesus, I Trust In You.........


The winds may rage,
The flowers wither away,
The rain may pour
From the clouds of gray,

The tears may fall,
The trials may loom,
Challenges may meet me,
Pain may consume,

Yet in all things,
Jesus, I trust in You;
Trust You at all times,
Lord, I choose to do.

Surely You are faithful,
Surely You are love,
Surely You protect me
From Your throne above.

So I will walk bravely,
Knowing You are here;
I will live with courage,
Nothing do I fear.

Jesus, I trust in You
At all times in all things;
I trust in all
Your loving hand brings.

You wipe the tears that fall,
Your love does consume,
You bring life to all,
To the rose her bloom.

So trust You at all times,
Lord, I choose to do;
Yes, in all things always,
Jesus, I trust in You.

©Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

Psalm 31:14
But I trust in you,
O LORD; I say,
"You are my God."

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