I've Been Sealed

I've been sealed until the day
Of Redemption, Jesus promised
He'll come and take me away,
Looking forward to that great day!

God says in His word I've been sealed,
He shed His blood to set men free,
Soon we'll meet around His throne,
And share in my brand new Home.

Many Mansions are prepared,
Hallelujah to the Lamb,
We'll sing and shout Glory,
Praises to the Great I Am.

I'm on my way home
To that City so fair,
Oh won't it be Grand,
Meeting loved ones up there!

I didn't see the Cross He carried
Or the blood that flowed from His side,
But I know He walked Mount Calvary,
And I know it was for me He died.

Lord will You daily guide my steps?
Until I reaches Heaven's shore,
There I will live with You forever,
And enjoy Heaven's beauty for evermore!

Bernice Ward ŠAugust 2013

Eph 4:30 (KJV)
And grieve not the holy Spirit of God,
whereby ye are sealed unto
the day of redemption.

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