As I go along my daily journeys
I know the Lord is at my side
He holds my hand and guides me
His love for me he does not hide.

I see his love everywhere I go
I see it in the moon and stars
And in the flowers and the trees
I see it near and I also see it far.

I see it in the little children
I see it in their sweet faces
I feel it as I hold them close
I see his love in many places.

I see it in our friendship we share
It is in the e-mail that you send
I hear it in the words of a song
His love is unconditional to the end.
I am so glad he is my dear savior
Without him my life would not be
He died for my sins upon that cross
So that I could live to be set free.

© 2004 Ginny Bryant


Psalm 148:1 (KJV)
Praise ye the Lord.
Praise ye the Lord
from the heavens:
praise him in the heights.

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