His Love for Me written by Sandra Lewis Pringle with love...............
His Love for Me.......

Just a tiny vessel, adrift on the open sea,
tossed, turned, and often windblown . . . .
Without the love of Jesus,
where would I be?

His love for me is everlasting,
He even loves me when I fall.
He loves me unconditionally,
and that's the best of all.

I know that I'm accepted,
as I give Him my heart to fill.
I surrender my life, my wishes,
to His most perfect will.

I know that I am nothing,
nor could I ever be,
without His tender mercies,
without His love for me.

© 2006 Sandra Lewis Pringle
The Heart And Soul

I have witnessed in my life, time and time again,
God's love for me, and those around me.
He is real, He is faithful, and He is awesome!
Whenever we call upon Him in faith, He answers.
He fails us not.
If you do not know Him,
seek Him and seek Him now,
while He may yet be found.

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