Jesus is Alive.......

If we refuse to be discouraged
To be sad, or to cry
And never to be downhearted
Here is the reason why...

Jesus is alive today
And He is ready to lead the way
He is wise, forgiving and supreme
He would like us to be on His team.

Everything that happens He knows
From the beginning to the end
His presence will bring us comfort
If we accept Him as our dearest friend.
We will never be defeated if we trust
And we follow the Son of God
He has promised to be with us
All through this life we trod.

We can believe that Jesus is alive
And put our life is in His hand
The "Son of God" is our only hope
And in His strength we stand.

Our prayers are heard by Him above
He knows the battle that we face
Finding peace in His everlasting love
He will give us victory in our race.

© Glenna M. Baugh
Living By Faith

"Jesus is alive in heaven above;
Believe and accept His unconditional love."
~Quote by Glenna~

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