Jesus Is Near.....

Often we question if Jesus is near
But His eyes are always watching
And we have nothing to fear
He knows everything that we do.

Jesus is not always obvious to us
Because He keeps quiet and still
If you stop and listen
He will speak to tell you His will.

Never doubt Jesus is near for a moment
We are in His sight all day and night long
Knowing when and where we will need Him
Jesus is always right and never wrong.

We will never be able to understand Him
That is how it is meant to be
Keep faith in your heart and trust Him
There is none other as wise as He.

Never forget for a moment Jesus is near
No matter what comes your way
Always believe, trust and pray
He will return for us one day.

Glenna M, Baugh İOct-08
Living by Faith

John 10:30 (KJV)
I and my Father are one.

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