I pray at Jesus' knees........


I pray at Jesus' knees

Dearest Jesus, may I pray at your knees
Can I touch your hand, who gave life to me
I see a Holy light shining around Your face
You look so kind and full of grace

I watch the birds fly to you
The pretty deer and flower's hue
They are blessed by Your loving soul
Please, will you love me too

I pray at Jesus' knees
For sins I do over and over again
I am like Peter, who cried for three days
Of the things He did to you
Forgive me one last time
and I promise to love you true

As I pray, You have such a gentle way
I want nothing more than to give my heart to You
Dear Father, Son and Holy Ghost
What a wonderful Savior you are to me
I pray at Jesus' knees
And ask Him to forgive me, please

Linda Ann Henry 2008
The people's poet
Do you remember me

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