Jesus Lives

Jesus Christ died upon the cross
In the grave He did not stay
Oh yes, Jesus arose on the third day
In order to save those that are lost.

Pray, open your heart and accept Jesus
As the risen Son of the living God
Your future will be sealed in heaven
And the beautiful streets you shall trod.

Jesus will fill your life with joy and peace
Have faith, He will give you sweet release
He lives and wants to give you so much more
Accepting Jesus is the key to heaven's door.

Jesus lives and is waiting in heaven for you
Let your heart be filled with love and grace
Bells will ring as we meet Jesus face to face
In heaven at the beautiful Eastern Gate.

© 2006 Glenna M. Baugh
Living by Faith

"Jesus lives, accept Him
into your heart today"
~Quote by Glenna~

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Jesus Lives written with love by Glenna M. Baugh and brought to you from with love.....

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Because He Lives

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