Jesus Loves Us so.............

When we ask Jesus into our heart
Pray that our sins He will atone
He forgives and we have a new start
Then we know, Jesus loves us so.

He will bless us with love and serenity
When we seek His perfect way
To walk in His footsteps on the path
And pray we will never stray.

We know that God answers prayers
And He keeps us in His care
For us His blessings overflows
Just because He loves us so.

Now we turn to Him in gladness
Everything seems all right
We give Him praise for His mercy
That makes our world so bright.

Jesus gave His life at Calvary
From sin to set us free
And whosoever does believe
Shall eternal life receive.

The Spirit of Jesus is in the world today
His sweet holy spirit leads our way
This He wants the world to know
Because He loves us so.

Jesus holds our hand within His own
He lets us know we are not alone
He comes to us on silent footsteps
And all His promises to us are kept.

We never fear if we trust and obey
Following in His footsteps we never stray
All of our worries to Him we release
And He gives us contentment and peace.

©Glenna. M. Baugh
Living By Faith


Matthew 21:22 (KJV)
And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask
in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

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