Jesus Our Redeemer......
Jesus Our Redeemer......

Salvation is a gift from Jesus our Redeemer today
He is alive and will answer us each time we pray
To hear His answer we must be quiet and still
As He speaks of the joy beyond Calvary's hill.

When Jesus was nailed to that old rugged cross
Willingly giving His life for all that were lost
He suffered pain and heartache our sins to bear
It was the love in His heart that kept Him there.

Our Redeemer wants us to believe and trust
Remembering each day His promise to us
That He is our only source of grace and peace
His love is forever strong and will never cease.

Jesus our Redeemer always stays near
We feel His gentle touch and never fear
He understands all our sorrow and grief
His love is always there to give us relief.

Jesus our Redeemer is the victor over sin
Every temptation He will help us win
Reading His word will guide us to achieve
Jesus is our Redeemer in whom we believe.

Glenna M. Baugh 3-21-2009
Living by Faith

"Jesus will forgive all our sin
when we accept Him as
our Redeemer."
~Quote by Glenna~

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