Jesus saved me.......

Jesus sought me as a stranger
Wandering away from Him
He rescued me from danger
By shedding His precious blood.

The plans I made had to be waived
My high ambitions had to be tossed
Or Jesus never would have saved me
Because I did not know I was lost.

I now know of that hill far away
Where my Lord was crucified
And I know He is alive today
And sits by His Fathers side.

There on that hill far away
That had no city wall
Where people watched my Lord crucified
Giving His precious blood to save us all.

There was no one else good enough
To pay the price for our sin
Only Jesus could unlock the gate
of heaven to let us in.

Glenna M. Baugh ©2010
Living By Faith

"I do not work my soul to save
That work my Lord has done
But I will work like any slave
For the love of God's Son."
~Quote unknown~

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