Jesus Smiles at Me...........

I see You smile, Lord,
Yes, I see you smile at me,
I see You smile, Lord,
In the dance of the tree,

I hear You sing
In the bird flying above,
Yes, I hear You sing
With lyrics of love,

I feel Your embrace
In the warm sunrays,
Yes, I feel Your embrace
On the sunny days...

I see, I feel,
I taste and I hear You
Every moment of the day,
Through all that I do,

With every step I take,
Everywhere that I go,
Your love, Lord Jesus,
I always know.

So I celebrate You
On this day and always,
I rejoice in You
For all of my days,

I lift to You
Happy songs of love
With the birds that fly
So high above..

And I smile at You, Lord,
My smile do You see?
I smile at You, Lord,
As You smile at me!

Caroline Gavin İAugust 2014
Purposeful Pathway

Ephesians 6:7
"And work with a smile on your face,
always keeping in mind that no matter
who happens to be giving the orders,
you're really serving God."

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