Job 36:26-33 (KJV)
[26] Behold, God is great, and we know
him not, neither can the number of
his years be searched out.

[27] For he maketh small the drops
of water: they pour down rain
according to the vapour thereof:

[28] Which the clouds do drop
and distil upon man abundantly.

[29] Also can any understand the
spreadings of the clouds, or
the noise of his tabernacle?

[30] Behold, he spreadeth his
light upon it, and covereth
the bottom of the sea.

[31] For by them judgeth he the
people; he giveth meat in abundance.

[32] With clouds he covereth the
light; and commandeth it not
to shine by the cloud that cometh

[33] The noise thereof sheweth
concerning it, the cattle also
concerning the vapour.


May God bless you immeasurably!

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