~ Joy of Jesus ~

Joyfully I arise each day
Knowing You are there to greet
Lord, You have brought joy ineffable
Since You and I did meet

Joy which uplifts me in the dawn
Joy which embraces me in my sleep
Joy which gleams from my eyes
Joy which shines in the dark deep

Joy which makes my heart sing
Joy which warms my body and soul
Joy which fills me to overflowing
Joy which make me beautifully whole

Joy which flows as living water
Joy which wells within me
Joy which brings prayer and praise
Joy which grows throughout eternity

Oh, sweet joy You bring, my Savior
Joy known by only those knowing You
Joy experienced by Your children
Who discover all You said is true

Faithful You are to Your promises
Prophecies are fulfilled time after time
Those who trust in Your Word, Lord
Find then a joy sweet and sublime

We will go out in joy and be led in peace
The mountains and hills will burst into song
Everlasting joy will crown our heads
For with our Father we always belong

This joy of Jesus I sing each day
This brilliant joy which does abound
Ever since the day I called You my Lord
Ever since the moment Your love I found

Join me, Christian, in songs of praise
Join me in thanking our Father Above
Join me in singing of the everlasting joy
He gives to the children He does love

Joyfully then we journey each day
Knowing our Savior walks by our side
Our Lord has brought us joy ineffable
And so in Him we will always abide


Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

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