Joys We Share

Joys We Share
We bask in the glow
of each others love,
carried away on wings
of the mating dove,
getting lost in these
moments so divine,
treasuring this time
together so sublime.
All the world outside
suddenly disappears,
gone are our troubles
sorrows and fears,
bad thoughts and doubts
no longer exist
it has been this way
since we first kissed.
We share secrets
of present and past,
happy to have someone
that cares at last,
pledging love and
friendship forever more,
not knowing what
our life has in store.
In faith we continue
in our relationship
taking advantage
of each pleasure trip,
never forgetting to give
our love and respect,
all these blessings
we gladly accept.

Norma Duncan
~aka~ Mistymaiden © 2-3-08
Starlight Cafe

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