Kept written by Derry ~aka~ Heartwhispers with love and brought to you from with love..................
Kept written by Derry ~aka~ Heartwhispers with love and brought to you from with love..................

When God made my living soul,
He put in me a craving thirst,
What would satisfy my heart
How could I put Him first.
I learnt my mother prayed a lot,
No matter where we were,
In any trouble on the farm,
Her faith was real to her.

I didn't want a shallow life,
Of only earthy things,
Sport and fashion, boys and toys,
Whatever this life brings.
But to grow my faith in God,
In action, writing, song,
I wanted to tell everyone,
That to Him my heart belonged.

But as I left behind my childhood,
Was my faith inside for real
Did I know the God inside my heart
How secure did I feel.
But God began to show Himself,
In the rolling of the car,
I knew then, He held my wheel,
That He is my Morning star.

I longed for Him to walk with me,
To softly call my name,
To feel Him stirring in my heart,
My cry was not a game.
The years moved on, I wanted more,
As hardship came along,
My children needed mothering,
With a faith real and strong.

I cried out, God please come to me
I need all of You within,
To survive the trials of life
And cope with this world's sin.
Thus God's tapestry wove on
With joys and sorrows, loss and hurt,
My life sunk down into ashes,
My soul was raw and burnt.

I couldn't bear that He went quiet,
I begged for Him to speak,
Reveal Yourself and show me truth,
Your fullness, Lord I seek.
And so His Hand came down,
To pick up my broken heart,
His Word soaked up my weeping,
And showed me of His path.

He loved me in my weakness
My human sin is why He died,
He hung upon the cross for me
With His loving arms held wide.
His soul was stripped and bare,
I could see what took Him there,
He had no other plan,
Than to deliver me from care.

Now He dwelt within me
Like He'd been there all the time,
Not a stranger, but a Father,
Wanting only to be mine.
So I continued in His service,
So much with Him to do,
But He had another plan,
More to take me through.

Thus He took away my stamina,
My strength to work for Him,
Lord, What use can I be now,
Without a healthy limb.
I couldn't bear Him discarding me,
So I begged for Him to heal,
Please let me be of use to you,
With faith that is more real.

But then He took away my mind,
That I had treasured too,
My voice, hearing, sight, affected,
Fright, forgetting all I knew.
I wanted to depart this world,
Gone was all I knew of life,
Now just a burden to my family,
How could I mother or be a wife.

But from that grave God spoke to me,
My empty cup to fill,
I saw Him with my heart,
And began to understand His will.
His Word rings strong and true,
As He softly holds me near,
He is the answer to my questions,
He is the One who stills my fear.

The path I walk on now,
Will never be the same,
For He's touched me with His presence,
And I'm glad that He made me lame.
So I could hear Him speak my name
Now I see Who walks with me,
For life shines with eternal wonder,
He is my every breath
I am kept eternally.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
© 2002 used with permission

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