Kingdom of Heaven......

The Kingdom of God,
The Kingdom of Heaven is near;
How shall we describe it?
To what can we compare?

The Kingdom of Heaven
Is like a man who sowed seed;
So too God sows His Word
To fill every need.

Yet the soils can vary,
These many soils of the heart;
Some seed falls on the path,
Snatched up from the start.

Other seeds fall on rocky soil,
Far too shallow to grow;
And among the thorny briers
Other seeds did go.

Like a tiny mustard seed
Growing into a great tree,
Like yeast working through dough,
The Kingdom of Heaven will be.

So many a parable
Our Lord Jesus did share;
He who has ears,
Let him listen, let him hear.

For the Kingdom of God
Is upon us right now;
Let us labor for the Sower,
This we promise, we vow.

King of kings, reign in us,
Redeem us by Your grace;
Lo, the Kingdom of Heaven
Comes when Jesus we embrace.

© Caroline Gavin
Purposeful Pathway

As you go, preach this message:
'The kingdom of heaven is near.'
Matthew 10:7

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