All I know Of Love..

All I know Of Love..

When I see your face in my mind
You are all I need or
ever need to find
all I need is love, love, love
All I need of love is in your voice
You are in the stars shining through
I have so much love,
in my heart for you.
I see my soul in your eyes
Let me sing to you all night
what I know is true
All I am, I is, I am in you
Days come and go, yet I will be
To my end, forever
in love with you
all I know is love, love, love
I call at night,and hold you in my arms
Across the distance to your heart
Keep me safe in your embrace
Your arms hold me to your chest
So I can rest.. and make the best
Of loving you.
All I know of love, loving you
love, love, love
ad lib. jive
stay with me, in your soul
for evermore
never let it go.
Love, love,
love, love

Written by Linda Ann Henry
The people's poet
Do you remember me
Musical score and vocal by Gary Matthews
Registered ©BMI 2008 all rights reserved
Directly licensed for internet public performance
and published by
Linda's dream available on
Cd Baby


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