A Butterfly I Have Always Known

I have seen this beautiful butterfly
Who sees inside my heart
She smiles when I am happy
She stays with me when it is dark

I have known this beautiful butterfly
For the longest time
She helps me hear God's wonders
Which always have been mine
My butterfly glows with sunshine color
She can stop the rain with her kiss
In her soul are great treasures
She plays musical strings with her wings
Flowers drop about my feet
I see a golden glow
Yes, I love her so.

My beautiful butterfly I have known
Is caring, for her heart is very meek
She lights my way within the night
Then flies into my window to meet me
At the break of dawn
God knew I needed a butterfly like her
All my life long
Oh Butterfly, let me take wing and follow
No matter where you may be
Even when God calls me home
I know you will be close to me

You, my friend, are this butterfly.

© 2005Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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