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All I Know Of Love

When I see your face in my mind
You are all I need or ever need to find
All I know of love is in your voice
You are in the stars shining through
I have so much love, in my heart for you.

I see your soul in your eyes
Let me sing to you what I know is true
All I am, is all in you
Days come and go, yet I will be
To my end, forever in love with you

All I know of love, is in your name
I call at night, I hold you in my arms
Across the distance to your heart
Keep me safe in your embrace

Your arms hold me to your chest
So I can rest and make the best
Of loving you.
So stay with me, in my soul
Now and forever, never let me go.

Linda Ann Henry © 2007
Do you remember me
The people's poet

I Love You!

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