~ The Lamb ~

I often gaze in awe at the picture
of Jesus with the lamb upon His shoulder;
It's usually of a tender lamb,
not one that had grown older.
I dearly love this depiction of Him,
how love sought what had gone astray...
How he searched rocks and hills
'til He found the wayward lamb that day.

So, the scripture tells us,
He left the ninety and nine;
To seek one lost lamb,
this loving shepherd so devine.
This brings to me a question
of why he carried His sheep.
As I understand it now,
He breaks the leg so for safety keep.

I suppose it broke His heart
to 'cause the lamb such pain...
So He carried the broken one
to bring it home again.
Somehow now I understand
how His love would make it so...
To keep in safer pastures,
better His love to know.

Lest we wander off again
and be lost forevermore;
So the painful memory
lives the scar aching and sore.
Some times the way we live
we are scared from sinful ways,
but if He needs to break the leg,
we will mend in pastures in sweeter days.

Oh how He loves us
to seek us where we go...
Away from dangerous crags and cliffs,
oh what love he does show.
Sweet gentle Shepherd,
If I must be thus broken,
then do what's best for me,
to honor your word so spoken.

You are the sheep of my pasture
and you know and hear My voice.
To follow as I lead or not,
as always 'tis your choice.
If I become rebelious, Dear Lord
and follow not your lead;
Then break my wilful spirit,
so in no other pastures will I feed.

If broken I can serve you better,
then do what you need to do;
What it takes to keep me faithful,
I leave myself to you.
If I must be broken Lord,
to better hear your call,
'tis better to enter heaven broken,
then not to enter at all.

I hear your sweet voice, my Lord;
Even broken I must be...
Because, I know it was your love
that brought me safe to Thee.

Copyright 2003 Sandy Griffin

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