When I need someone who loves me
I sit in Jesus lap
He talks within and through me
When I write poetry
I am always sitting with the King
He comes to my aid when I cry
Because I am in need
Jesus is in my heart and I hold His dear hands
He is the true One who ever understands.
I jump in Jesus lap, He holds me close to Him
He knows my whole life
He loves me so much
He is the Son of God
This man of heaven I can trust
I can feel His arms
I can feel His voice
I can see the angels
It is all that Jesus chose
I sit in His lap
I tell Him about my day
He always comforts me in everyway
I will sit on Jesus lap
And then I feel brand new
I will love Him always
As He loves me too.

© 2005 Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet

Wishing you God's peace, love
and blessings today and always!



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