The Footsteps Which Lead To Jesus.......

We can follow the footsteps of Jesus
Because in them we can stay strong
He tells us that He will help us all-
He may have been born in a manger
Yet the angels sang the day He was born

He is the anointed One
May we always walk in the footsteps
Which lead to Jesus
So we can be more like him.
He always loves those
Who confess they have done wrong
The Lord takes away their sin.

For us Jesus suffered very deeply
When he picked up His cross
Now we seek to walk the footsteps of Jesus
No matter what it may cost

How beautiful is our Lord Jesus
For loving us so well
We must beg His forgiveness
So when it's our turn to go
The footsteps which lead us to Jesus
Will take us to paradise to dwell


Linda Ann Henry ŠAugust 2009
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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